Planning Solutions Consulting Limited

Planning Solutions Consulting Limited is a specialist tourism, leisure, heritage and economic development consultancy, that offers seven core service areas:-

  • Preparation of business plans and the financial analysis of projects
  • Primary research among visitors and evaluation plans for projects
  • Advice on strategic development opportunities
  • Income generation strategies for visitor attractions, museums, country parks and nature reserves
  • Development of new concepts and visitor experience plans
  • Preparation of marketing plans
  • Provision of support for HLF projects with a focus on Heritage Lottery Fund business planning and testing the financial viability of projects.

Where will you find us working??

We offer these service to a number of different market sectors both in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, including:- Visitor attractions, Museums, Castles and forts, Country and Urban parks, Farm parks, Country estates, Nature reserves, Forests, National Parks, Former military bases, Coalfields, Coastal towns, Hotels, lodges, campsites and caravan sites.

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