PSL established a new marketing brand for the brewery – The Heritage Brewing Company, with a mission to recreate classic beers of the past for a modern audience – combining the history and atmosphere in Burton for the best pints. Some the brewery’s recent brews include Charrington IPA, Offilers Best Bitter and Masterpiece.

In August 2015, Molson Coors UK, one of the country’s biggest brewers, sold its brewing equipment at the William Worthington Brewery, which was located in Burton upon Trent, to Planning Solutions Limited.

The ownership of the brewery’s buildings remained with Molson Coors but had been leased to Planning Solutions Limited as part of the agreement to secure a sustainable future for the brewery. The sale allowed Planning Solutions Limited to brew the popular award winning cask Worthington’s White Shield IPA and Red Shield beers that the brewery is synonymous with.

Planning Solutions Limited intends to develop further and has classic brewers working at the centre to help identify a range of quality real ales to demonstrate the variety of beers that can be produced in Burton.

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