In June 2016 PSL won a competitive tender to manage this course on behalf of Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City Council. It is one of the largest Ropes courses of its kind and attracts general visitors, parties, education visits and corporate customers. The attraction consists of a High Ropes course and a Low Ropes course

HAWKS VIEW HIGH ROPES: ‘Enjoy views across Stanborough Park from its 30ft high viewpoint. With over 20 challenging elements to master, there’s something for everyone. Tackle the Trapeze Walk, before you soar across the zip wire – then choose your route. Dare you take on the black route with Totem Poles, or play it safer via the Kitten Bridge on the red route. Either way, this course is set to challenge the brave’

Monkey Trail Low Ropes: ‘The Monkey Trail, at just 10ft tall, is perfect to test your nerve, and is suitable for those aged 5 and over. With 9 elements to complete from Sky Islands to Twin Tube Tunnels, there is a variety of challenges for all monkeys to conquer!

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