In 1981 the brewers in Burton Upon Trent were powerhouses. Whilst separating the ale and lager liquor streams at Ind Coopes Romford brewery in 1979, Engineering Manager Geoff Mumford and Technical Manager Bruce Wilkinson discovered a mutual interest in starting their own brewery.  It soon become apparent that it would be better to have a small brewery joined on to a pub and own the freehold rather than rent an industrial site.

The Fox and Goose was advertised in the Morning Advertiser and a visit was made. The building needed much maintenance; there were no services gas, electricity or water.

Over the years Bruce and Geoff, the visionary minds behind Burton Bridge Brewery built loyal customers who have contributed to the success of the brewery. The brewery still holds their commitment to quality and tradition, which laid a solid foundation for an exciting collaboration with Planning Solutions Limited when Geoff and Bruce wanted to take a step back from day-to-day operations.

With a handover of old hands training new hands the best techniques, the Burton Bridge Brewery has given notice to all award bodies of its ambitious trajectory in the coming years.


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Deliveries are made to within 40 miles of Burton each week (Nottingham , Birmingham, Stoke and Leicester). Each week a two day trip is made to a different part of the country on an week-by-week cycle.  Beer swaps are made with other brewers and deliveries are made to Freehouses.